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5 Easy Ways To Update Your Conservatory

A conservatory is more than just added space. It is a place to express yourself and to create livable space that is inviting and comfortable.

Fall duties

As the weather changes, we are reminded that winter will soon be here. Just as you check your heating and plumbing systems every fall before they are needed, check your conservatory. Make sure there are no cracks, damage, or leaks. If you find anything, call your contractor for conservatory repair before the harsh winter is at hand. With that out of the way, you can begin the business of updating the look of your conservatory.


conservatory repair

  • Backyard

There are many looks and uses for a conservatory. You can make your conservatory feel like an extension of your backyard by adding a patio swing. The wooden swing will hang from chains and create a perfect patio appeal. Add thick cushions for comfort and a cozy throw will bring this all together.

  • French cafe

This look is especially cute if your conservatory has an inner brick wall. But it can be achieved without one. The first thing you must do is break out the white paint. Walls, trim, and wooden furniture is all painted white. The room can be furnished with a small round cafe style table and two wooden chairs. The only color comes from the burst of color of your plants and table centerpiece. Depending on your space you can add a small sofa and cocktail table as well. French street signs and lanterns add warmth.

  • Formal dining

As you head into the holiday months, make a fun and inviting conservatory by setting it up as a formal dining room. Rich cherry or oak furniture with beautiful table settings make your conservatory look post-card perfect.

  • Garden of Eden

conservatory repair

Turn your conservatory into a garden paradise with plants. Use free-standing garden boxes to grow fruits and vegetable or herbs and flowers. Decorate the room with rustic country-chic pieces.

  • Holiday conservatory

Not many of us have a place that we can decorate for the season or holiday without disrupting our lives. Imagine the fun you will have decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah. Your friends and family will see your handy work as your conservatory comes to life. The best part is your decorations are protected from the elements.

Other tips for updating your conservatory

  • Change the doors on your conservatory for more modern designs
  • Install roll down shades with prints of your design for instant charm
  • Install, repair, or replace the gutters. These are often overlooked and the result is an untidy conservatory. Before it gets cold, get the gutters in good repair
  • Consider upgrading your roof. Over time roofs wear and sometimes they make the conservatory look old. An updated roof will look better and reduce noise.
  • Weatherproof your room and make sure heat is not escaping. If you are having issues with temperature control it may be time to invest in a new thermostat. Your HVAC contractor can take care of this easily.