8 Important Benefits Of Pool Enclosures

benefits of pool enclosures

There is no doubt that owning a pool is a wonderful thing. They are beautiful and add to your property value. They are a great source of exercise, a focal point for friendly gatherings, and way to reduce stress in your life. Below we will go deeper into enclosing your pool is a very wise decision.

What are Pool Enclosures?

pool enclosure is much like a conservatory for your pool area. It is a room made primarily of glass and that covers the entire pool area. This allows the sunshine in while protecting the swimmer. They are built in various designs and can be built to accommodate a diving board or lower to keep temperatures stable.

Benefits of building a pool enclosure

  • Access
    • You can enjoy your pool all year. The elements are kept away from the pool. You can have temperature control equipment installed with the enclosure.
  • Safety
    • Having a pool enclosure ensures that children cannot get in the pool without an adult. This is an incentive that everyone should consider. When a pool owner is away from home, children will sometimes try to sneak in for a swim. This is one headache you will not have. You are in control of who has access to the pool.
  • Value
    • Owning a pool in itself is not always a value to your home. If the pool is not enclosed, it cost a lot more to ensure the property. However, the addition of the pool enclosure removes that risk. Insurance is affordable and the property value rises.

pool enclosure benefits

  • Cleaning
    • The worse part of being a pool owner is the constant battle of keeping objects out of the pool. When the pool is enclosed, leaves, sticks, bugs, and debris cannot blow into the water. Your pool stays clean and ready to use.
    • Cost-effective
      • A pool enclosure lowers the amount of pool water that evaporates in the sun. The sun maintains your water temperature, but you do not lose it. This also lowers the growth rate of algae. All around you save on water costs, chemical costs, and maintenance costs.
  • Fewer chemicals
    • The cleanliness of the water has a direct effect on the number of chemicals you will need. This makes keeping your pool in order more efficient.
  • Protecting the pool
    • The pool enclosure protects the pool. Storms bring high winds, hail, blowing branches and trash everywhere. Your pool is safe inside the enclosure. Nothing can be blown into the pool which could go into the filtering system, causing damage.
  • Growth of the property
    • You can have a pool enclosure built to specifications. It can be any shape and size. You can have the room built large enough to include a hot tub or spa that you plan to get in the future. It is a beautiful addition to the property that grows with your need.
  • Protection from the sun
    • Direct sunshine is a dangerous risk to the skin. Sunscreen helps but it does not last forever. With a pool enclosure, the sun warms the room but does not shine directly on your skin. This is a major health benefit for sun lovers.

    Adding a pool enclosure adds value to your home, extends the life of the pool, and prevents accidents involving curious children. Owning a pool is a luxury many people never attain. Get the full benefit of your pool by adding a beautiful pool enclosure.