sunroom addition

Choosing A Conservatory Or A Sunroom

For hundreds of years, conservatory addition or sunroom addition to a home has been a much sought-after extension. Beyond the fact that they add living space, beauty, and comfort to a home. They add property value, curb appeal, and uniqueness to your property.

The popularity of adding a conservatory or a sunroom to homes is popular even today. But before you can choose a conservatory or a sunroom, you need to know the difference between them.


conservatory addition

A conservatory is a room added to a home that is made primarily of glass, with other materials such as plastic. The roof of a conservatory is made of glass for maximum sunlight.

No matter the style of the home, there is a conservatory design to complement it. Even Victorian style homes can have a vintage and beautiful conservatory. They commonly have a sunroof and they are perfect for growing plants and vegetables. They can be used in residential homes or commercially.

Some designs to consider are:

  • Victorian – for vintage appearance
  • Georgian – symmetrical look with many flat and rectangular fronts
  • Gable – perfect for small spaces, maximizes use of space and creates a look of elegance
  • Roof Lantern – uniquely shaped roof which allows maximum sunlight
  • Custom – expert builders can design a conservatory, unlike any other, to suit your desires


sunroom addition

In many ways, a sunroom is similar to a conservatory, but there are differences. The sunroom has walls made of glass and wood. They sometimes a sunroof. They come in many styles such as:

  • Studio – this design is patterned after the doors and windows on your existing structure
  • Gable – like the conservatory, perfect for small places and adds the look of charm
  • Garden – traditional style designed for growing plants, vegetables, and even fruit trees

A sunroom has the feel of an extension of the home built with large windows and much glass but also framed with wood and opaque material on the roof. A conservatory is made almost entirely of glass. A sunroom is often a closed in patio.

Perhaps the most important difference between these two buildings is what the owners plan to do with them. Both rooms are great for relaxing and enjoying the panoramic view of the area. Both are suitable to use as an office, playroom, pool room, exercise room or a place to entertain guest. However, the sunroom has climate control. With heat and air conditioning, sunrooms are four-season rooms. Also, they must have a door that leads directly to the building it is attached to. Sunrooms do not have these requirements.

As for which structure is best, it is a personal choice. For a family that is looking for a multi-purpose room, the sunroom is the best choice. If the room is being added to use as a greenhouse or garden room, a conservatory is better. Also, a conservatory allows easier access to the home for convenience and ease of use.

Once you decide which type of addition is right for your home, you need a qualified builder with experience all designs and styles of the rooms. Choosing a large company with a proven track record is wise.