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Delaware, The Perfect Location for a Conservatory

Conservatories have been in use since the 1600’s. They are very popular in the United Kingdom where rain and the wind are an issue. They are very similar to the sunrooms we utilize in the United States, but there are some key differences. Most differences come down to the materials used to build the room and the usage of the completed structure.

A conservatory is a room, usually built onto a house with three walls made of glass. Unlike a sunroom, (where the roof is usually made of opaque materials) a conservatory roof is made of glass and plastic. The primary difference between a sunroom and a conservatory is the use of the rooms. A conservatory is a room for horticulture and a sunroom is usually used for living space and personal enjoyment.

Delaware is the perfect environment for a conservatory. Horticulture can be challenging for Delaware. Like the UK, people in Delaware must contend with the wind and cold much of the seasons. Most of Delaware is made up of sandy soil, with poor nutrient value. This explains why plant lovers and lovers of nature do their gardening in a conservatory. Even commercial conservatories are necessary to the environment.

Aside from the usefulness of a conservatory, these home additions are beautiful. A conservatory is dramatic and the aesthetics of the rooms are a major value to the curb appeal and resale values of the property.

To get the most from your conservatory, you need climate control. An HVAC system is recommended. While the summer heat may not be an issue for the plant life, it impacts the people using the room and of course, plants and people need heat to thrive in the winter.

Victorian Conservatory

A victorian style conservatory brings the old-time grace and charm of the victorian era to modern living. These beautiful structures are perfect for the homeowner who wants the home to reflect the splendor of the past.

Gable Conservatory

A gable conservatory has double-sloped roofs (flat on front) that form a V-shape above the wall. They are usually smaller and used for personal gardens.

Georgian Conservatory

This style has maximum light and a flat front. The more serious gardener may opt for this style to get the maximum return on his investment through the plants h\e produces. Flowers grow well in a conservatory and the Georgian conservatory allows for the colors and beauty to show through easily.

Roof lantern style

The roof lantern style incorporates skylights into the roof. This allows for maximum sunlight for the conservatory while allowing a bit more home privacy. They are functional and highly effective, unusual and beautiful.


Some conservatories are designed with polished wood frames. While the conservatory still serves its purpose, it allows the builder to give the room a more uniform look. There is a wide range of wood finishes and they complement wood or brick-framed homes.

Why customize?

The primary reason for custom building a conservatory is to get the look and feel you want from your home. Adding a conservatory can satisfy many different purposes. Perhaps you want a sitting room with plants or maybe you want a herb and vegetable garden. The experts will explain the requirements of building and placement to make your conservatory effective while making it an adaptable space for personal enjoyment.

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