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Conservatories in New Jersey: For the Home that has Everything

When we hear of New York, we think of people who live the good life. New York has everything. But with everything comes crowds, high costs of living and a shortage of nice yet affordable living space. New Yorkers have long turned to New Jersey to satisfy that problem. Within a few miles of New York, New Jersey has beautiful coastal homes, lower costs of living and a break from the hustle of the crowded city.

New Jersey is breathtakingly beautiful. There is a reason they call New Jersey the Garden State. Many people also have vacation homes in New Jersey. With all its great qualities, this region has harsh winters and brief summers. But New Jersey residents will not let that hamper their love for horticulture. In fact, New Jersey is a prime location for a conservatory.

Conservatories have allowed people who live in less than perfect climates to have plants year round since the 1600’s. They began in England and soon became popular across the United Kingdom. This ensured plants would thrive in spite of the wind, rain, and cold that England is known for.

American Sunrooms

People in America love their conservatories, But they are often confused with sunrooms. The two are very similar and the fact is, we usually will combine the two and have dual uses for the rooms. The difference in a conservatory and a sunroom is in the materials that are used in construction.

A conservatory is made of glass and plastic and support a sunroof for maximum exposure to sunlight. A sunroom is made of a lot of glass, but often the roof is an extension of the roof on the house. More opaque materials are used for a sunroom.

A conservatory is made to use as a greenhouse and a sunroom is used as an extension of the house, almost like a second living room. There are many commercial conservatories for plant creating year-round availability for the fruits, vegetables, and plants we all enjoy.

A conservatory in a residential application may have an area kept for personal use. A sunroom allows enjoyment of the outdoors without experiencing the harsh sunlight, the wind, rain, and snow. The combination simply requires enough space to use the room for sitting, entertaining, or as a playroom for children.

Types and Styles of Conservatories

The Victorian conservatory is a beautiful room made in the style of the Victorian era. It is one of the most elaborate designs and adds vintage beauty to the home. Another very pretty style (but with more of a flat front) is the Georgian Conservatory. The Georgian style is very light and airy. The Georgian style has a double-sloped roof that comes to point and forms an upside-down V above the wall.

More modern homes, made of brick or wood are complemented by a wooden conservatory. The wood and glass structure can have various types of wood that are polished or painted.

A conservatory with sunroofs and vaulted ceilings is a Roof Lantern style in most cases. Of course, a quality builder can customize a conservatory with any combination you choose. He will explain what works best and assist you in creating the conservatory of your dreams.

Choosing a Builder

Be sure to inquire about the experience of the builder and ask for references. An experienced conservatory builder is familiar with the weather of the location, knows how to design the room for maximum benefit and will provide a quote on the job in writing, and with no charge or obligation. Call us now at 877.607.0077.