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Pennsylvania Conservatories – The Perfect Home Addition

There is not a more historical place in American than Pennsylvania. Many of the homes in PA reflect the old country style. That is why conservatories seem like a natural addition to a typical Pennsylvania home.

In England and other parts of the United Kingdom, conservatories were a much-desired addition as far back as the 16th century. The strong breezes, the rain, and the cold winters made growing plants difficult. A conservatory could be built onto the house with glass walls and a glass ceiling, creating an environment that made horticulture more productive.

In the United States, we still use conservatories in climates and conditions where plants are threatened. Today’s conservatories are made primarily of glass and plastic with a skylight. The choices of conservatories are virtually unlimited as they are often custom conservatories, built to the satisfaction of the homeowner.

Conservatories vs. Sunrooms

The primary differences in a conservatory and a sunroom are:

  • The materials they are made of
  • The intended use for the room
  • The customization of the room

A sunroom is also made of glass and plastic, but they normally have an extended roof from the house. Though a sunroof is often added, the roof is sometimes a simple extension of the roof on the house.

A conservatory is built for the purpose of growing plants, and a sunroom is usually built as an extended living area. In today’s world, many people choose based on the look they wish to accomplish and have a dual-purpose room. The beauty of a customized conservatory is that anything is possible.

There are several styles of conservatories. A Victorian conservatory is built with vintage style and charm. A Georgian conservatory is very light, with a flat style front. If the conservatory is to have a double-sloped roof (that forms a V above the wall) it is a Gable conservatory. If the conservatory has an elaborate sunroof, it is probably a Roof Lantern conservatory. Finally, if polished or painted wood is desired, a Wooden conservatory incorporates the wood and glass to compliment the home.

Conservatories are not only for residential use. There are many companies who use a commercial conservatory. When horticulture is needed and nature does not easily cooperate, a conservatory is in order.

It is important to consider the experience of the builder when deciding on a conservatory or a conservatory and sunroom combination. These additions directly affect the value of your property. You want an addition that allows for more living space (square footage), a beautiful aesthetic value, and will give you a return on your investment if you decide to sell in the future.

In Pennsylvania, you want a builder with knowledge of the climate challenges, experience in the production, and someone who will listen and help you make the choices that will give you the addition you desire.

You will use your conservatory 3 or 4 seasons per year. The room will be built with the natural order of sunlight and wind taken into consideration. However, you probably will want to have an HVAC system for climate control. This will allow you to use the area year-round.

Your conservatory can be designed to allow space for a play area for children, a comfortable place to entertain guests, or even for a studio, home office, or exercise area. Making your space as comfortable as possible opens the door to more opportunities to utilize your investment.

You can enjoy your conservatory without concern of UV rays from the sun. Rain and the wind are not a problem. You do not even have to worry about a snowfall when you are in the conservatory.

You get to enjoy your plants, enjoy the beauty of your landscape and have none of the pests or problems that come with being exposed to the elements. Children enjoy a sunny afternoon, without the worry of them wandering off or getting too much sun.

If you have never considered a conservatory before, consider it now. You will be amazed at the benefits that await you. Call us now for a free quote at 877.607.0077.