Gable Conservatory

The Gable Conservatory is one of the most popular period designs as it adds a touch of grandeur and elegance to any home.

This type of conservatory dates back to the Georgian era and utilizes a triangular gable shape to obtain a distinctively stylish look. The style is very reminiscent of the grand old buildings of a bygone era and maintains the period heritage of these structures. The gable conservatory adds a classy addition to any residence.

A Detailed Look at the Gable Conservatory Design

This design utilizes square corners, which means that maximum space is preserved within the building. This allows more room for the furniture and other household items. The most sophisticated part is the enlarged roof that allows sunlight to enter the room without any problem. Hence you have a versatile living space that can be used as a dining room, indoor garden or play area. There are a number of exciting options with the gable design and this is especially useful in places where space might be a constraint.

The front gable-shaped part of the conservatory will add a certain style to the living space and the high roof will convey a feeling of spaciousness. The roof also gives a stunning impression from the outside. The front part is shaped to look like the rising sun, an effect known as the Sunburn Effect. Another important point about the front roof is that it is vertical and not sloping. This adds to the sense of space and warmth inside the room. It can also be used as a grand entrance to your home and specific design modifications can be carried out to achieve this goal.

Overall, you will get almost a two-story feel with a gable conservatory. Even if it is smaller in size, it will command a feeling of grandeur. This makes it a perfect choice for period homes. Not only does it add a look of elegance, but it is also a financially viable investment. A conservatory increases the resale value of your home substantially. It is not a very common feature in homes today, so you will be have one of the few homes that offer this type of luxury.

Extra Options for a Personal Design

There are many popular designs of the gable conservatory, or you can customize yours in any way you like. Many people glaze the design with polycarbonate as it makes the structure sturdier and gives it a classy look. Extra brickwork is another option that is used to give the conservatory the appearance of an old style villa. Other decorative items and finishes can be added according to your taste.

Gable conservatories are a majestic and beautiful addition to your home.

Gable Styling Works for Sunrooms or Pool Enclosures too!

If you love the look of a gable conservatory, you can enjoy the same styling in a gable sunroom or pool enclosure. By incorporating vaulted ceilings in your design, you will gain additional height in your new living space, while floor-to-ceiling windows will bring in the most light. Even if you have a one story sunroom, the styling gives you the illusion of a much higher, more impressive structure. Gable sunrooms and pool enclosures often incorporate the “rising sun” glass pattern for extra distinction.

With its squared corners, a gable sunroom design offers maximum useful wall space, which makes this design easy to furnish. For more privacy, gable sunrooms can utilize shorter windows built above half walls that are sided or bricked on the exterior to complement the style of your home.

Whether adjoining your home or place elsewhere in your yard, pool enclosures increase the year-round usability of your inground pool while enhancing its appearance. Gable-style high enclosures offer plenty of height for swimmers and sunbathers to walk around the pool deck or even plunge into the water from a diving board.

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