Georgian Conservatory

Beautiful style and elegance make the Georgian Conservatory a timeless classic. The design of this conservatory is filled with lightness, airiness and subdued lines.

The Georgian style is characterized by the flat front and rectangular symmetrical shape. For a spectacular vaulted effect, the design implements a high, sloping roof. The uplifting design of the conservatory makes for an easy passage of light, keeping it bright and sunshiny.

Most present day conservatories are inspired designs of the historical Georgian design.

The History of the Georgian Conservatory

The history of these conservatories goes back to Neo-Georgian period from 1720 to 1840. The homes build between 1716 and 1760 featured Palladian architecture. Palladian architecture was characterized by symmetry and proportions.

Decoration was of utmost importance in Palladian architecture those were derived from Italian architecture. All the measurement techniques were taken from Greek architecture to give a sense of harmony to the architecture of the homes.

Double cube room design distinguished the Georgian architecture from all the contemporary designs.  As per Georgian architecture the windows had six panes in total with three horizontal and three vertical panels.

Detailed sneak peak on the design

The Georgian conservatory design makes use of brick and glass like the conventional design. The present day design is quite different from the contemporary designs. The present day designs allow the passage of light unlike the previous designs.

Various finish options include white, light oak, rosewood and wood grain. The glazing options of the designs includes standard, bars, leaded, square and diamond. Various colored foils include colors such as Fir green, Irish oak, cream, and gray, white, black and sage green.

The complementary designs can further be improved with fluted grooves, timber pillars, Doric, and pediment above the doorway.

With any of the designs, you have the choice of roof glazing; ranging from polycarbonate to Pilkington glass. The window designs can vary from tilted modern designs to windows having window casements. Heavenly color scheme, period-style washstand, and a variety of plants in the outdoors gives a perfect design blend for your new space.

While wishing to improve the interior space of  your home, you may prefer more of the rectangular design lent by the Georgian conservatory. It gives you optimum space for everything that you want to do with your new glass addition.