Roof Lantern Conservatory

The Roof lantern conservatory adds vintage charm to any living space by allowing even more natural light in. The roof lantern feature can be added as an extension in a house, or replace a regular roof in a conservatory.

When considering roofing options for your new or old conservatory, consider this elegant and classy option to enhance your space. The style is one of the best for those seeking to go with a classic look and it is much more aesthetically pleasing than regular skylight roofs. It is ideal for use in every type of conservatory including the larger sized ones.

The Roof Lantern Conservatory Design

The best aspect of this vintage design is the view it offers to those inside. Whether it is day or night, one can enjoy the sky and the natural comfort it offers. The roof lanterns come in many different forms but all are aimed at creating a signature effect of opulence. They can be pyramid-shaped, octagon forms and even the basic rectangular style. Orangery conservatories will often feature a roof lantern. These are usually created in the tier design with at least two levels. These are separated by windows that can have an added electronic mechanism for control. It is a perfect design for those who favor the splendor of the vintage times.

The design of the roof lantern conservatory has evolved. This change can help you blend in your modern building with a beautiful, classic design or just have a completely contemporary style. Learning to recognize an opportunity that calls for a roof lantern is imperative so that you can enhance the uniqueness of your home.

Material Variety

There are different materials that can be used in the construction of the roof lantern conservatory. The most common ones used are wood, PVC and even aluminum. The glass used in roof lanterns has benefited from technological progress. There are new and more efficient ways to glaze and seal the lanterns. The problem of energy loss through this feature has also been solved. The insulation in the glass is very effective and the sealants used provide exceptional water-tightness.

When you have a roof lantern conservatory or a sunroom or pool enclosures with a cupola or daylighting lantern atop your roof, you have a skylight that admits additional light from the top. The advantage of this design is that natural light provides illumination within the room and thus reduce energy use. The challenge is preventing an excess of light, as well as heat, from flooding the room below and making it uncomfortable.

Choosing the Right Material for a Roof Lantern Conservatory

The design professionals at Simply the Best Conservatories regulate light and temperature within the interior space through the proper use of architectural glass. The ideal glass for a roof lantern skylight might be:

  • Safety glass or laminated glass to prevent injury from falling glass after damage
  • Low-emissivity (or low E) glass that is coated with a substance that reflects radiant infrared energy to limit the passage of heat from the opposite side of the glass while letting visible light pass
  • Tinted glass, or glass that turns opaque in the presence of sunlight to regulate light flow
  • Self-cleaning or Pilkington glass that prevents the buildup of organic compounds on the surface of the glass and washes away dirt
  • Insulated glass that is double glazed and filled with Argon gas to reduce heat loss

When you need roof lantern conservatory, pool enclosure, or sunroom repair, we can replace inefficient, cloudy glass with products that incorporate the features you need in your room. For information, call us at 877.607.0077.