Victorian Conservatory

If you are looking for conservatory design ideas, then it’s easy to see why the traditional style of the Victorian Conservatory is one of the most popular in conservatory designs.

This classic design from the Victorian era brings a certain sophistication as well as the desired vintage charm that most look forward to creating.

If we look into to the basics of conservatory designs, then we will find that these glass enclosures are generally made for enjoying natural light and outdoor garden views. The Victorian style of conservatory design will neatly serve both of these purposes with sheer precision.

A Glimpse at Victorian Conservatory History

According to history, the Victorian era was the year of 1837 to the year of 1901. This is the time span when Queen Victoria was in power of the British throne. Many people possess a misconception that the Victorian style of conservatory design had come into being during this time frame of history.

Victorian architecture was a style employed by many architects in the middle and late 19th century. The name of this architectural design was named after Queen Victoria of United Kingdom. The elements these styles use were not in fashion until later during the life of this queen. The style combines varied revivals of different historic periods with Asian and the Middle East influences as well. Both French and British people are accustomed to name architectural styles after monarchs. Victorian conservatives might have featured styles that seemed to revive the Gothic period, and others will make heavy use of steel. English Renaissance styles may also be found among Victorian conservatives.

This kind of design had also been found even before the Victorian era, although the style became mostly popularized during the Queen Victoria’s rule. Conservatory design in the Victorian style basically became popular during this time for two reasons.

The first reason is, this design is not extremely complex, rather very simple yet quite elegant. The second reason is the functional aspect of this design. It allows light to come in and provide a sophisticated view of the garden from inside.

Detailed Sneak Peek on the Victorian Conservatory Design

Victorian shape has been identified by hexagonal end. There are three sections, which are known as facets. Facets can be further extended in five sections, provided there is enough space for this expansion. Due to these three- to five-end facets, maximized views of the garden can be enjoyed which also allow the sun light to penetrate generously.

One of the prime benefits of Victorian Conservatory design is that you have the freedom to do some experimenting with us in the design process. The complete structure is generally recommended to be made of glass, while some people experiment with different shades of glass. Some people choose to make a portion of the structure with textured glasses. This adds hints of creativity, where sunlight is blocked a little bit to provide a better ambiance. High-quality glass works, coupled with seamless wooden finishing, bring in the desired vintage charm.

There are other styles that seem to be rather retrospective, and Victorian conservatives can be either simple or quite elaborate. Thin columns, ornate eaves and arched panels can also be found among these type of conservatories.

Such a design idea is highly suggested if you have a large garden, as you can expand the structure quite seamlessly. This design can also be tried in small places. Such conservatories are easy to be maintained.

We offer custom Victorian conservatives that will keep you both warm in winter and cool in summer. Our superior, innovative design is offered along with high-quality materials and energy efficiency. Our exclusive designs will let you enjoy an extraordinary space to relax and be happy. We can build anything you specify with additional ideas, prices and quotes along the way.

Victorian conservatories are tremendous structures for anyone looking for both luxury and exclusivity in your home. This type of glass enclosure is the way to go and we offer you everything you might need to build the best conservatory for your home.

Additional Options

If you want to enclose a porch to make it a sunroom but love the Victorian styling, we can pull period elements into the design. Unlike conservatories, most sunrooms have opaque roofs, often made of traditional roofing materials, rather than the glass ceilings associated with conservatories. To flood your new room with plenty of light, we can add floor-to-ceiling windows in the two pane style common to this architecture as well as skylights. Constructed to compliment the style of your home, your sunroom will incorporate the arched panels, eave work, and columns that characterize Victorian-inspired construction.

Conservatory and Sunroom Repair Services

Simply the Best Conservatories also specializes in conservatory and sunroom repair. When the beauty of your Victorian conservatory is diminished by accident, aging, storms, or harsh weather conditions, you may experience problems such as leaks, broken, crack, or cloudy glass, or damaged siding. Our repair services will restore the integrity and beauty of your room, and in many cases, improve upon original design. If you are experiencing problems such as uneven heat in the room or condensation on your glass, we can determine why this is happening and make recommendations to fix the problem.

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