Wooden Conservatory

If you are thinking of a way to open up your home with a more natural solution, a wooden conservatory should be the first to look at.

There are different design options depending on how you intend to use your new space. The wood can also be combined with a variety of materials to create an appealing extension to your existing living space.

Benefits of the Wooden Conservatory

Conservatories made of wood tend to be more aesthetically appealing. This is because wood has a natural grain that gives the conservatory an organic look that will blend perfectly with your garden. Wood tends also tends to look more elegant when compared to uPVC.

Wood grain has greater detail, allowing you to choose a variety of styles for your conservatory. You can include some wooden panels and combine them with a few glass windows. It is also possible to create circular windows using the wood.

Wood is versatile in terms of finishes. This material can be varnished or polished to give it a smoother and softer texture. Wooden conservatories can also be painted in a variety of patterns and colors to suit your preferences.

Wooden conservatories combine well with a variety of materials including bricks. This means that you can take advantage of different materials to achieve the exact look you want.

Wood is ideal for conservatories because you can add as many security features as you want including hinges and locks for windows and doors. A wooden roof can also be strengthened using steel joints.

There are various additional design options to select from when you choose a wooden conservatory design. Some of the additional features you can use include dentil moulding and cresting.

Every wooden conservatory is specifically constructed to suit each individual’s taste and house style. The conservatory will be designed to suit the space available on your property. There are different types of woods used to construct wooden conservatories including:


This is one of the most popular materials for wooden conservatories. Oak is easily available. This type of wood is very strong and it is possible to get pest and bug resistant oak that comes with polished veneer.


Hardwoods tend to have complex structures and include various options including elm and beech. These woods are more durable and stable and this has made them a popular option for people who want wooden conservatories. They have natural grains and offer an authentic feel to a conservatory’s extension.

Engineered timber

If you are looking for something more affordable, engineered timber is a good choice for wooden conservatories. This type of wood usually has a rough exterior but it is still sturdy and strong. Engineered timber is not treated when it is purchased but we can treat it to give you the kind of look you want to attain.


For the wooden conservatory, there are various stained finishes that you can select from for the frames including dark wood grain, golden oak, and anthracite grey. You can also use painted finishes such as white, lichen, pumice, oyster, stone, mushroom, grey sage, pale green, granite, mist, and grey green.

Conservatory Windows

Casement windows are the most popular options for wooden conservatories. The casement windows are available in traditional and modern styles. The modern style features a casement overhangs a window frame slightly. In the traditional style, casement seals inside the frame.

Conservatories allow you to brighten up your home by allowing more light to get in. If you are thinking of adding a conservatory, a wooden one is the best option.

When to Consider a Wooden Conservatory

While many modern conservatories and sunrooms are made of metal such as aluminum, wooden additions remain a popular option. Especially on historic homes and on gracious older home styles, wood is considered the upscale or “bespoke” product that seamlessly blends with the materials used in older construction. On newer, more contemporary homes that want to exclude a natural feel, wood does the job because it is a less processed resource. Whether you want your sunroom to be traditional or modern styling, wood says quality in a way that other materials may not.

Wood conservatories are easy to paint in the color of your choice, and when you need to do conservatory or sunroom storm damage repair, you can replace just the damaged portion and repaint the area for a less noticeable fix.

If your conservatory is located near the ocean, you may wonder how wood holds up in the presence of saltwater. The professionals at Simply the Best Conservatory have years of experience constructing both inland and beachfront conservatories and sunrooms. We will gladly discuss your options with you for framing, siding, and roofing your new structure in any environment. For information, call us today at 877.607.0077.