victorian conservatory

Why A Conservatory Or Sunroom Is The Best Type Of Home Addition

The addition of a conservatory or a sunroom to a home is not a new idea. In fact, in many parts of Europe and the United Kingdom, the custom dates back to the 16th century. In areas where there is a lot of rain and wind, a conservatory or sunroom allowed the homeowner to enjoy their gardens when the seasons would not have permitted it.

Recent generations have experienced a renewed love of these structures. Today, we live in a global society. Uses for the sunroom and conservatory reach far around the globe. While our lives are no longer dictated by the climate in which we live, we still must bow to mother nature when the rains and winds must come.

Does the Victorian conservatory fit your style?

A sunroom is a room made of glass that is attached to the home. When you enter the sunroom, you enjoy the entire view of the landscape, all the way around the home. Plants grow well and the additional space has many features to enhance family life.

The addition comes in many styles to complement the architecture of the home. The Victorian style conservatory is one of the most popular because it works well with many home designs. It is plain, yet elegant and detailed. A conservatory has a roof that is also primarily made of glass, while a sunroom will usually have an extension of the roof on of the existing home.

Why are they a good investment?

victorian conservatory

Financially, conservatories and sunrooms are a wise investment because they add to your property value. They give you more living space and a unique and classic structure. A professionally built Victorian conservatory is a beautiful addition that adds character and depth to the home and gives it a more desirable curb appeal.

Homeowners use the area as a study, entertainment area for guests (especially if there is a pool nearby). Children are allowed to be exposed to the sunshine and the beauty of playing outside but remain safe. They are safe from people who may be up to no good, animals that could hurt them, or wondering out of sight and becoming lost.

As they are, in some climates, the conservatories or sunrooms are usable space (usually) three seasons per year. But we live in a modern world and the installation of a heating and air conditioning system can make these 4-season structures.


Some people use their conservatories as a room to grow flowers, vegetables, and other plants. Commercial conservatories do this on a much larger scale. Companies sometimes build these areas for the enjoyment of their employees. Relaxing in the areas or working with the plants provides satisfaction and stress relief. Not to mention that the plants are nutritious and exposure to the plants is good for the body. It is proven that people who spend time near plant life concentrate better and have more focus.

There are no negatives about building these structures. They add value financially, personally, and professionally.