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How To Decorate Your Sunroom For The Holidays

There is nothing more beautiful than a sunroom that is decorated for winter holidays. It is like looking into a life-size holiday card. However, before you begin this is the best time to take care of any sunroom repairs that are needed for the winter season.

Sunroom Repairs and Maintenance

Sunrooms are just like any other room in a home. Over time, life happens which causes minor issues. Taking care of minor problems ensures they stay minor. It is less costly to make a repair in the early stages. Before you begin your holiday decorations, consider calling your sunroom contractor to have your sunroom inspected. Here are a few common issues to look for:

  • Broken or cracked windows
  • Broken window latches
  • Leaking window seals
  • Aging or damaged flooring
  • Aging caulking allowing for air leaks
  • Storm damage
  • Bent or cracked frames

Once you know that your sunroom is in good repair, you can proceed with your holiday decorations.



When you decorate your sunroom for the holidays, there are a couple of ways you can go about it. You can do the traditional decor. This would include stringing twinkling lights around the room so that they twinkle around the top of the windows. The hanging clear lights give the entire room a magical look.

You can add a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments. A beautiful tree skirt is a good addition, and making the skirt large enough that it can easily accommodate under a toy train track gives you the option of the old-fashion favorite of the toy train that runs around the floor beneath the tree.

Theme Room

Another alternative that is beautiful is giving the entire room a holiday theme. Hang green wreaths with a ribbon around the main glass wall. Stagger the lengths of the ribbon so that every other wreath is slightly lower than the one next to it.

Place holiday throws around the furniture. Add some plush throw pillows. A big faux fur rug is a nice touch.

If you do not already have one, place an electric fireplace in the room. The glow of the illusion of open flame adds warmth and beauty. Decorate the mantel with garland, candles, or laces filled with glass ornaments.

Combine the two

sunroom repair

You can combine these two looks by decorating the theme room and them adding the decorated tree to the center of the window or in the corner near the fireplace. If you do this, hang one large wreath on the door and eliminate the others. Also, use twinkling lights that do not hang down but string along the top of the window. This keeps you from having too much. For more ideas, click here.

End of season

With a theme room, you can keep the look through the winter by simply using throws and pillows of color without holiday scenes. After the holidays remove the tree, lights, and wreath. Leave the fireplace, throws, pillows, and rug.

Place a set of skis in the corner or a set of ice skates near the door. This gives the room a winter scene that is appropriate until spring.

Enjoying your sunroom through the holiday season is a luxury. It is a beautiful way to stay warm and enjoy panoramic views of snow outside. So, grab a cup of hot chocolate and head for your holiday oasis. Happy Holidays!