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How To Keep Your Conservatory Warm This Winter

Conservatories are very popular. Families enjoy the sunny comfort of their yards without experiencing the discomfort of the elements. However, wooden conservatories are often abandoned in the winter months.

A properly prepared conservatory is usable in winter months. A few simple, yet effective measures can be taken to ensure the conservatory stays at a comfortable temperature. There is no more beautiful place to enjoy a winter snowfall, or holiday cheer, than your conservatory.

Wooden Conservatories

Wooden conservatories are among the easiest styles to prepare for winter. We are going to walk you through a few steps that will help you. These tips come from professionals in the sunroom/conservatory industry. You will see, you do not have to spend a lot of money to create a winter conservatory.

Prevent heat from escaping

Even in winter, the sun will shine through the glass and generate heat. However, if your warm air escapes it does you no good.

  • Check all windows and glass walls for drafts. Make sure you have proper sealant on the windows. Make sure there are no cracks that you have not noticed.
  • Check the space above and around the door to see if you need to add weather-proofing. Use a draft stopper in front of the door that will block air from escaping under the door. Use a product that is made for that purpose. Placing a towel or rug in front of the door will work temporarily, but it may get tangled when the door is opened.

Add Heat

wooden conservatory

This sounds like a logical step, but often people do not consider the possibility. A conservatory that is made from a quality material can be heated easily and inexpensively. Some people add a space heater to the room.

A portable, electric fireplace is a beautiful addition to your winter conservatory. It is perfectly safe and adds a cozy glow to the room. It is especially lovely if you decorate the conservatory for the holidays.


Many times conservatory owners report, their conservatory will not get warm. Upon inspection, poor quality flooring is generally the reason. Flooring that is low-quality allows cold air to enter from the ground. It is recommended that you install a good-grade floor when you build your conservatory. If you find yourself in the middle of winter and realize that your floor is the issue, place a thick rug on the floor as a temporary fix.

Sometimes the floor is a good quality, but it just feels cold. This is often the case when you use concrete flooring or tile. An area rug to cover the places you walk will take care of that problem during the colder months, and in the spring you can roll it up.


Just as with your home, conservatories benefit from having blinds that can be closed to block effects of winter storms. A professional blinds installer can show you options to place blinds on the windows and the ceiling. This will take care of the problem of chills in extreme conditions.

Make it cozy

Adding (scented) candles to the room gives it a cozy feel. Place some fleece or flannel throws on the furniture to add warmth. Rugs, throws, candles, winter scents, and thick pillows give the room a “feel” of comfort. This allows you and your guests to enjoy every season in your conservatory and creates a winter haven.

These simple and easy fixes are all you need to make your conservatory winter-friendly. They are inexpensive and easily applied. If you have not had an inspection recently, call your conservatory contractor to inspect your conservatory now. You will be glad you did.