High Pool Enclosures

The moment the climate around you turns chilly, you still want to enjoy the comfort that your swimming pool offers. You simply want to float on your back, facing upwards while watching autumn-hued leaves floating everywhere, except in your beloved blue pool water. That’s the joy of owning high pool enclosures.

With high pool enclosures, you don’t need to worry about cleaning out branches and bags of leaves from the water. You don’t have to put limits on when you swim and when you don’t – it’s simple -you enjoy your swimming pool all year round.

The Beauty

You see, people are out there trying to vacuum their pools. They are busy thinking about how to winterize, and worse still – they can’t use their pools 12 months a year. However, with a high pool enclosure, the situation is different. You don’t need to bow down to the commands of the weather anymore.

Reduced Operational Costs

A high pool enclosure saves you money, time and unnecessary hassles. They may be attached to the house, or built as stand-alone. But regardless of how they are built, they will always retain the pool water heat, and also prevent wind-accelerated evaporation of your pool. Obviously, this brings down your overall maintenance costs.

They also tend to bring mother nature indoors, while the ceiling is treated to block harmful ultra-violet rays. Furthermore, many of the structures also serve other duties. So for example, they can be used as sunroom, patio, or a place for outdoor dining. A typical one may resemble a greenhouse with sliding roof panels and doors. It might be kidney-shaped in design though everyone can order theirs to suit their budget and lifestyle.

Types of High Pool Enclosures

Telescopic Enclosures

These are retractable, like giant-segmented caterpillars. Arches of polycarbonate-glazed panels or glass slide so that when each section is closed, it fits precisely on a larger section, just like a telescope. This way, the user can open up the entire structure, or just certain parts of the structure to expose the pool. They are ideal for temperate climates. So when the sun is shining, just roll it over and enjoy the cool breeze.

Permanent Enclosures

Most of them are designed to bring the outdoor experience indoors. They feature roofs and wall panels made of glass or polycarbonate. They can also be built with stones, bricks and other materials as well. They are ideal for any type of climate or weather.

Bring Added Value to Your Home

They increase the value of homes. In fact, experts say that when they are permanently fixed, so that they are attached to the home and are heated, then they are considered a living space. They add to the total square footage of your home.