Medium Height Pool Enclosures

You may be looking for a pool enclosure to keep dirt and debris at bay, maintain the temperature in your pool, keep your pool safe, or at least ensure that the weather does not keep you from enjoying your swimming. You can opt for a low, medium or full height enclosure. However, each type has it own pros and cons.

A quick look at medium height pool enclosures

This type of design allows you to enjoy the view surrounding the pool- the landscape or garden. It also provides an undercover swimming pool. Entry into the pool is easy, thanks to the great design where the structure is taller at one end. The entry area can be used for entertainment, dining or for relaxation.

A detailed look at the design

The medium height enclosure has retracting walls that can slide open. Alternatively, it is possible to push them to one end. Every wall slides into the other in either direction. This means that you can actually have an open air pool every time you feel like. A family gathering around the pool on a warm summer day is possible. Let us delve into some specific designs:


This design allows for a spacious hall where one can move freely at the central part. The retractable walls are made of polycarbonate, which makes them lighter.

This design has a width of between 13 and 45 feet; a length of at least 14 feet; a height of between 5 and 10 feet and 2 segments. The width will be based on factors like wind and snow loads in a specific location.


This design has a rounded, regular and continuous line. This makes it suitable for most yards. Better still, it is possible to set it up between flowers and shrubs. It has wide frames that increase the height. This creates some comfortable space where one can change before and after swimming. It also allows for drying off space. The front walls usually have sliding or hinged doors, and the side walls of either the shortest or highest segment can also be fitted with the same.

This design has a width of between 8 and 36 feet; a length of about 3 to 12 feet; and 2 segments. Like the Tropea, the width will be based on the wind and snow loads in a particular location.

The two designs come in a range of color profiles: beige, silver, white, charcoal, and antique brown. A wood like finish can also be customized for you. These designs are just basic; we remain flexible to allow you to incorporate your ideas. You can opt to make the designs unique via addition of doors, for instance, a double sliding door in your end wall; windows like venting windows; extended ground rails; or even foils, for instance, a lift-up foil. Our goal is for you to enjoy your pool enclosure with your design ideas incorporated into the finished product.

Medium Height Pool Enclosures are undoubtedly a great option, thanks to great features like flexibility, leaving space for other activities, and comfort. You need to look no further, just contact us today for a free estimate.

The Benefits of A Medium Height Pool Enclosure

The taller your pool enclosure, the more it costs to keep the air inside the enclosure at the proper temperature. Medium height pool enclosures protect your pool from the elements with a cover that may be tall enough in some points to allow people to walk and stand comfortably, while being close to the surface of the water and others. You can open the retracting cover all the way at any time.

Having the cover closed not only preserves the temperature, but keeps the debris out of the pool. In northern climates, keeping snow out of the pool is an issue, but enclosures from Simply the Best Conservatories can meet the snow load requirements of northern winters. During storms, you do not lose water or chemicals due to wind that displaces the contents of the pool onto surrounding ground. Your enclosure will have a wind rating.

Even a medium height pool enclosure provides an element of safety. Swimming pools are appealing to children, so covering your pool will protect curious kids, while limiting your liability. If you have a cover that retracts, make sure that the controls are located out of the way of small children.

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