Spa and Hot Tub Enclosures

Consider getting a spa and hot tub enclosure in order to enjoy your luxury retreat throughout the year. There are many models of spa and hot tub enclosures available and the quality varies widely. Whether you want a relaxation spot or a great place to entertain, spa and hot tub enclosures are ideal.

Exclusive Designs

The design of spa and hot tub enclosures is an essential aspect to put into account before purchase. These shelters are made mainly in square, rectangle, and oblong designs but you can find unique styles to suit your personal preference. Look for elegance and sophistication that allows you to enjoy yourself as if in the best spa. There are different aspects that you can choose for your enclosure to ensure that you have an amazing visual effect. For instance, your choice of window design can be a factor in enhancing your enjoyment. If you are surrounded by nature, you can have French windows to feel the impact of your outside environment.

Ideal Size and Spot

A spa and hot tub enclosure should be elegant and spacious. There are different sizes available to suit the purpose for which it is intended. Having an optimum size will ensure that the ventilation in the room is sufficient while at the same time, you will not have a large unutilized space. If you do not find an exact fit, consider tweaking the designs and sizes that are already available. You can also get some ideas on what you want in your enclosure such as chairs, tables or even a fridge to ensure that you are comfortable inside. The size should also depend on number of users expected at maximum.

It is vital to also decide beforehand the spot where you are going to put up the structure. Location can make all the difference in the level of pleasure derived. You should be able to balance practicality and aesthetics. Make sure that you can easily access the plumbing system without having to do major work. Privacy is also essential. According to each person’s preference, the choice can be in a shady section of your home or in an open area where access to sunlight is possible. Access from the main house should be convenient.

Extended Lifespan

Spa and hot tub enclosures should be made for durability. There are many sturdy and beautiful materials that are available in the construction. We make certain that you are getting the highest quality that will withstand varying climatic condition and still remain in a stunning condition. Start enjoying your exotic hot tub all year round and contact us today for a free estimate on a hot tub enclosure.

Conveniently Locating Your Spa or Hot Tub

Even if you have a full-size swimming pool in your backyard, you may also want a spa or hot tub for times when you preferto sit and relax in warm water and let built in air jets soothe your tired muscles. Having a domed cover will allow you to use hot tub all year long, including on hot summer nights and chilly winter days. You can even have a fire pit inside the structure for additional warmth, whether you are in the tub or relaxing outside it. If you have both a pool and a hot tub, you might consider our line of high pool enclosures that are large enough and tall enoughto accommodate both water features (pool and tub) and their users.

For ultimate convenience, you might consider placing your spa in your conservatory or sunroom. If you prefer not to take up valuable floor space with the hot tub, you might want to locate it as close as possible to sunrooms, conservatories, or other entrances to your home to minimize your exposure to weather as you travel to the tone.

When plan your domed cover, the sky’s the limit with creativity, so long as you put the design and construction in the hands of a reputable, experienced company. Simply the Best Conservatories can do the job for you. Give us a call today at 877.607.0077.