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How To Secure Your Sunroom When A Winter Storm Comes

Sunrooms are great for many things. But, it is a pure luxury to sit in your cozy sunroom made of glass and watch the snow falling around you. What a relaxing and magical way to enjoy the winter days.

Create your own winter haven by adding an electric fireplace, some cozy throws on the furniture, and a thick furry rug for the floor. You can even use this room as your holiday room with lovely decorations.


Your quality built sunroom or conservatory room is made to withstand nature. Winter storms are not a problem for them. However, just like any other part of your home, they regular inspections and minor repairs are needed to maintain the integrity of the sunroom.

Contact your contractor at Simply The Best Conservatories to schedule your annual winter maintenance check before winter hits with full force.

Things to look for

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Here are some common issues you can look for. Of course, your contractor will check the room for you, but if you notice any of these problems, it is a good idea to let them know of your concern so they can come prepared to make repairs.

  • Drafts
    • When you are enjoying the room, do you ever feel a draft or an occasional coolness pass over you? Have you ever noticed candles in the room burning as if they are being blown gently to one side? If so, there is a draft. It can be caused by a leaking window seal, worn weather stripping around the door, or maybe a crack or gap in the room that is not easily seen.
  • Gaps in the roof
    • Over time, roofs age and they are exposed to wind, rain, heat, and ice. So it is reasonable to expect there could be a gap in the roof. This is just a small place where the roof has pulled away from how it was installed. Even if it is small, rain and snow enter the gap. In the winter the moisture freezes and this can cause damage to the roof. You may notice a drip when the sun shines on the gap. Even if your gutters are working properly and kept clean, there should not be a drip coming from them without reason. This is a minor repair. Left unattended, it will not remain minor. Make sure the roof is checked for gaps annually.
  • Branches
    • One of the most common causes of winter damage of a sunroom comes from falling or blowing branches. Check the trees near your sunroom. Are there any branches that are dead? Are there branches that are near the room so that a hard wind could blow them into the glass? Check your property for branches that need to be pruned. Remove branches that are dead or dying so they will not break loose in a wind and hit your room.
  • Things in the yard
    • If there are patio sets, toys, playhouses, and other things in your yard, put them away for winter. If there is a swing set for the children, it is simple enough to leave the frame but remove the swings so they cannot be blown into the sunroom in a winter storm. Even something as minor as a patio table can be overturned if the weather turns ugly. Police the area and remove items that are near the sunroom.
  • Water source
    • If you have a water source near the sunroom, like an outdoor faucet, be sure to wrap it with a proper winterizing material. A frozen pipe could burst and that is a hard thing to fix. You do not want that kind of damage near your sunroom. It is easily prevented.

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