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Why Sunrooms Are A Must Have For New Jersey Homes

People who live in New Jersey have a very high quality of life. This small state boasts some of the most beautiful homes and landscapes in the region. Known as the Garden State, New Jersey is home to national parks and natural beauty that is second to none. Just a stone throw from the vibrant New York City, New Jersey residents enjoys the best of both worlds. Many people own summer homes near the seashore in New Jersey.

New Jersey has mild to moderate summers and very cold and snowy winters. To get the most enjoyment out of a New Jersey home in all seasons, and to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the area, many people add sunrooms to their homes.

A sunroom is a section inside the house that is made primarily of glass. It allows a family to enjoy the view and the seasons without the dangers that come with the weather. Depending on the type of sunroom chosen and the contracted options, it is usable three or four seasons of the year. They are versatile and customizable.

Sunrooms are perfect for entertaining guests. Equipped with ceiling fans, HVAC systems, and sometimes skylights, it is a comfortable, climate controlled living space. Children can play in this glass enclosure and get the enjoyment of feeling like they are outside, but without exposure to bad elements as rays, rain, snow, bugs, or safety issues.

Ideas for a Sunroom

This space can be used for any purpose. Here are a few tried and true suggestions:

  • Living room / den
  • Family or game room
  • Play area
  • Home office
  • Guests area
  • Exercise room
  • Study

You can furnish the room as a living space or a patio space. The point is, this room is a usable space that adds to the value of your home and the curb appeal of your property.

Fully Customizable

Simply The Best Conservatories have been customizing sunrooms for families for more than 25 years. When a homeowner wants to have a glass enclosure, they decide what they plan to use it for. This will give them and the experts some idea about the size of the area.

They take into consideration, the positioning of the sunroom when added to the home. Sometimes it is best to build this space in a unique shape to take full advantage of the view and the power of the sun. New Jersey electric bill is one of the highest in the nation, so these considerations mean more than just the beauty of your sunroom and curb appeal.

Kinds of Sunrooms

Studio sunroom

A studio sunroom is an extension of the house and allows for a natural extension of the existing room. It is often built around a patio or porch area.

Gable sunroom

A gable sunroom is similar to the studio sunroom in design but it has the additional feature of a vaulted ceiling. It has a double-sloped roof that creates a triangular shape above the front wall.

Garden Sunroom

In New Jersey, garden sunrooms are becoming more and more popular. Made almost entirely of glass, they can be designed in almost any shape. Much like a greenhouse, a garden sunroom creates a healthy environment for growing plants. This type of space appeals to many people who would like a dual-purpose room that enhances the beauty of their home.

There is little doubt that people in New Jersey have a beautiful state. With an enclosure made of glass, they can enjoy the beauty year round. Call us at 877.607.0077 for more information or to secure a free quote.