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Great Home In New York with Sunrooms

There is no more diverse and unique place in the world than New York. From the chic and modern New York City highrise to the sprawling homes of New York State, every home, and every culture is represented. New Yorkers love their homes and they know how to get the best from them.

New York summers are uncomfortable, hot, but short lived. The winters are harsh with cold temperatures and lots of snow. No one wants to give up half of their year to the weather. This is a deciding factor for some folks to add a sunroom to their house.

A sunroom is a room built with glass walls and sometimes skylights that allow the homeowner to be comfortable in an enclosed room, while surrounded by the beauty of the natural surroundings of their home.

You can enjoy the sun through the glass without the harmful exposure and the danger of burning skin. Rain doesn’t affect the homeowner and if the sunroom is equipped with HVAC, even snow cannot force you inside. Sunrooms are designed for three or four seasons, depending on personal preference.

A studio sunroom is an easy addition to a home and the roof is easily extended for a natural addition. A gable sunroom is similar, except it is built with a double sloped roof making a triangle shape above the from wall.

Finally, there’s the garden sunroom. Created mostly of glass, it can be any shape and size. The ceiling and walls are all made from glass to allow maximum sunshine in. A garden sunroom is like the old-fashioned greenhouse, perfect for growing plants.

The shape of the sunroom and the positioning of the walls is directly affected by the way the natural sunlight hits the room. You can take advantage of the power of the sun and harness it for your own benefit.

What can you do with a sunroom?

A sunroom can be built overlooking the patio or pool of your home. It extends the usable space in your home. It can be used for:

  • A living room or den
  • A game room or play room for children
  • A room to grow plants
  • An exercise room
  • A perfect room for relaxation
  • A home office
  • A room to entertain guests
  • A hobby room

A sunroom can be furnished with household furniture or patio furniture. Any furnishings used are protected. Even electronics are as safe in your sunroom as they are in the other areas of your home. A sunroom is created as living space.

When you call for an estimate, your builder will help you determine the size and design of this space, based on your property, view, and intentions.

What to look for in a builder

Experience matters when building a quality sunroom. It takes a professional to make a room from glass that can stand all weather situations. Sunrooms are unique to the homes they are built for. It takes years of experience to create a structure for a particular home.

Simply The Best Conservatories and Sunrooms has been a leader in the industry for more than 25 years. They service the New York area because they are native to the region. Customer service is their driving force. They listen to you, and they provide a free quote for the job in writing.

Building that sunroom adds a characteristic to your home. You basically bask in the beauty of nature in the comforts of your own home and personal space. Adding a beautiful sunroom to your New York property improves the value and curb appeal of the home. Call us now for a free quote at 1.877.607.0077.