A sunroom addition to your home, offers rich design and functionality, including a wow-factor to the entire appearance of your home. Sunrooms let a significant amount of sun light into the room, thanks to the transparent walls of windows or even skylights that are strategically installed to give you the warm comfort you need.

They could be screened in to form a covered patio, or even closed in with glass windows to form a state-of-the-art living space.

Simply the Best Conservatories offers the following sunroom types:

Studio Sunrooms

Studio sunrooms are considered one of the most popular choices of living spaces in modern homes. They are ideal because they easily complement a simple or complex home design, plus they are good at offering the most natural extension for any roof styling.

Studio sunrooms can be chosen based on the style of your windows, door, roofing, among other design elements. Again, when choosing, you have to consider the overall design of your home.

Gable Sunrooms

If you want to incorporate something that will give you a fashion statement while adding a diverse range of functionality to bring comfort, then a gable sunroom is your best bet.

You see, this choice of sunroom presents an opportunity for all rural and urban homeowners to enjoy the beauty of spectacular views surrounding the home.

Some people love to go with a full open cathedral ceiling since they believe this style maximizes the beauty and attractiveness of the surrounding.

However, you don’t have to stick to a pre-determined design since these can also be customized to suit your needs. By adding a personal touch to your new space, you’re able to make your home a comfy environment for both you, your family and guests.

Garden Sunrooms

This is a heritage structure which was first imagined and constructed by the British aristocracy to marry traditional elegance with modern comfy. In this structure, you can opt to add some plants, flowers or even fruit trees if you like.

Garden sunrooms come in every conceivable shape and size. We’ve seen them in octagonal, oblong, square, and rectangle.

Why you should consider a sunroom addition

A sunroom offers comforting, luxurious space where function meets beauty. Whether you choose a standard design or add your personal touches with custom design, it will make a strong statement of individual style and preference. It will give you a space to enjoy year-round and add value to your property.

Don’t put your sunroom dreams on hold any longer.  Call Simply the Best Conservatories for a free home estimate today.