Studio Sunrooms

Studio sunrooms make it possible to relax and enjoy the outdoors from the inside during a hot summer afternoon. They also make it possible to enjoy your backyard view without being exposed to harsh elements or pesky flies and mosquitoes. Instead, imagine viewing your panoramic garden views from the comfort of your home with your newly added studio sunroom from Simply The Best Conservatories.

Elements of Studio Sunrooms

Today’s modern studio sunroom incorporates a number of features that makes it an impressive experience year round. For example, the sunroom should be spacious enough to accommodate you, your family and any guests you may be having at one particular time. The sunroom may open out to an outdoor deck or patio for additional entertaining space.

Another important feature of a studio sunroom is it’s effective light control capabilities and, most importantly, protecting you and your family from harmful UV rays. You want sufficient light to come into your home while keeping UV rays out.

The roof has also been designed in such a way that thermal protection is not compromised. This is a very important feature since you want to minimize energy usage by a significant margin — most homeowners who have them in place can attest to this fact, that their studio sunrooms save them huge energy bills at the end of the day.

Studio sunrooms are an ideal home addition from Simply the Best Conservatories.

When you need additional living space, especially in the months when the weather is nice, adding a studio sunroom will give you what you need at a fraction of the cost of other room additions. If you have an approved deck or other foundation in place, your room can be the can be built out from your home on this space and then enclosed with screens and insulated windows. For extended use throughout the year, your studio sunroom can be heated and cooled for greater comfort. Your existing roof can extended so that your new sunroom looks like it has been there all the time. Your finished product will be perfect for watching the game, enjoying your spa or hot tub, entertaining your friends, working, exercising, or relaxing.

Other Services From Simply the Best Conservatories

As an alternative to a sunroom, you might also consider a conservatory, which often has a roof that is largely made of glass or polycarbonate. This design allows light to enter your room from all sides which makes it a great location for growing plants, fruit trees, or vegetables. With any sunroom or conservatory, selecting the proper class options will control light and temperature

if your existing sunroom or conservatory needs an update or needs repairs after storm damage, Simply the Best Conservatories can transform your outdated or damaged structure. For information on adding or repairing your outdoor space, call us today at 877.607.0077.