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The Costs of Adding a Sunroom – An Investment For Comfort

When they say necessity is the mother of invention they could have been talking about sunrooms or solariums. As early as the 16th century, people were using houses made of glass, to bring the outdoors inside.

Those houses have been called greenhouses, hot houses, orangeries (for conserving oranges), Pinery (for conserving pineapples), conservatories (for conserving plants). Sunroom costs are minor in comparison to the benefits they provide.

During this time, the health benefits of these open-area rooms were discovered and hospitals began installing solariums.

Throughout the years, the quality and efficiency has improved. This makes them much more available and practical for the individual home.

Building a sunroom onto your home is a wise investment

There are several reasons why adding a sunroom to your property is a financially sound choice. The reasons include:

  • Improves the aesthetics of the property
  • Increases property value and resale price
  • Adds quality living space
  • Improves lighting (by providing natural light)
  • Open area provides impression of extra space
  • Safe area for children and pets to get sunlight and still be in secured place

How much does adding a sunroom cost?

Note: every home and property layout is different. It is important to speak with a professional for an accurate quote based on your particular needs.


Your contractor will pull all required permits. Choose a quality builder with experience who is licensed and insured.


When choosing a foundation, (concrete or wood), where you live is a big consideration. Pouring a concrete slab in the north has more requirements due to the freezing conditions than in the south. This could increase the cost for a concrete slab quite a lot in the northern states.

However, if you are using an existing porch or patio as your foundation, those expenses will be reduced significantly.

Choosing what type of sunroom

Gable – A Gable type sunroom is just what it says; it is a room surrounded by glass with a gable roof.

Studio – A Studio has more of a “Lean To” attached style to it, in that the roof attaches to the side of the house and come out like a porch with glass walls.

Conservatory (Solarium) – Solid glass walls and ceiling to get the full benefit of the natural light available.

Victorian – elaborate and ornamental with roof top details

Edwardian – simple, more squarish, higher pitch in the roof

Georgian – 18th-century style not as ornate as Victorian, usually doesn’t have gutters

How long does it take to build a sunroom

Once a typical sunroom is started, from the time the permits are pulled until the final inspection shouldn’t take more than three weeks to complete it. If the foundation is already there the time will be cut considerably.

With the cool months right in front of us, if you act now, you could be enjoying your fall season in the comfort of your very own Sunroom.

Contact a professional today to get an estimate today and find out what you would need to make your dream a reality. Your (quality) builder can provide references and answer any questions you may have.