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victorian conservatory

Cleaning Tips For Your Conservatory

Victorian conservatories are among the most popular designs. They are chic and elegant and a perfect addition to many homes. Because a conservatory is made up primarily of glass, people often ask how to keep them clean.

Below you will find some easy tips for cleaning your conservatory. Before you begin, you might want to call your conservatory builder for an inspection. Conservatories should be inspected twice per year. Assuming that there are no repairs to be done, you can begin with collecting these supplies:

  • Bucket filled with warm water
  • Water Hose
  • Squeegie
  • Absorbent cloths
  • Grease fighting dish soap
  • Step Ladder
  • Scrub brush on an extension pole (for high places)
  • Bleach (to reduce algae growth)

Note: you do not need harsh chemicals. Warm soapy water will clean the conservatory surfaces. However, if you want to use glass cleaner, you can. It certainly is the preferred method for indoor conservatory cleaning.


Some conservatories have glass roofs and some have traditional roofs which are an extension of the roof of the home. Some are a combination of the two. You will need to use a step ladder and your telescopic pole to clean this.

First, spray the roof with clean water with the water hose and telescopic pole. This will remove a lot of debris and materials that have landed on the roof. Now you will see your cleaning surface. Use the cleaning brush on the extended pole (dipped in soapy water and ½ cup of bleach per gallon) and clean any mold, moss, or soil that is deposited on the roof. If the conservatory has not been cleaned in awhile, you may need to let the soapy water and bleach sit for a while before you hose it off.

Once you have cleaned the spots, spray the roof again with clean water. NOTE: Do not try to use a standard ladder to access the roof and do not try to climb on or sit on the roof to clean it. Use the step ladder to ensure you reached all the spots.


It is important to clean the frame as well as the glass. Your frame could be made of wood, plastic, vinyl, or PVC. The soapy/bleach water will clean these surfaces as well. However, do not use scouring pads or anything that will scratch the surface of the frame. If the frame is made of wood, you may need to apply paint once the wood is dry.


Cleaning the glass windows in your conservatory is easy. You simply need to start at one end and clean one panel at a time. You will spray the glass with your cleaning solution. Then use a squeegee to pull the water to the side of the frame and allow it to run down the frame. Of course, you can use a step ladder and absorbent towels to dry the water away and leave the glass sparkling clean. Repeat this process while working your way down and around the conservatory.


Begin with sweeping and dusting the room. Then use a pail of warm water with ½ cup of vinegar per gallon to wash the inside. Use paper towels or old newspaper to dry the glass. Agan, work your way from one side of the room to the other.

Completion of this task soon shows you that a conservatory requires less maintenance than any other part of your home. Keeping your room clean and in good repair allows you to enjoy your conservatory for years to come.

victorian conservatory

Why A Conservatory Or Sunroom Is The Best Type Of Home Addition

The addition of a conservatory or a sunroom to a home is not a new idea. In fact, in many parts of Europe and the United Kingdom, the custom dates back to the 16th century. In areas where there is a lot of rain and wind, a conservatory or sunroom allowed the homeowner to enjoy their gardens when the seasons would not have permitted it.

Recent generations have experienced a renewed love of these structures. Today, we live in a global society. Uses for the sunroom and conservatory reach far around the globe. While our lives are no longer dictated by the climate in which we live, we still must bow to mother nature when the rains and winds must come.

Does the Victorian conservatory fit your style?

A sunroom is a room made of glass that is attached to the home. When you enter the sunroom, you enjoy the entire view of the landscape, all the way around the home. Plants grow well and the additional space has many features to enhance family life.

The addition comes in many styles to complement the architecture of the home. The Victorian style conservatory is one of the most popular because it works well with many home designs. It is plain, yet elegant and detailed. A conservatory has a roof that is also primarily made of glass, while a sunroom will usually have an extension of the roof on of the existing home.

Why are they a good investment?

victorian conservatory

Financially, conservatories and sunrooms are a wise investment because they add to your property value. They give you more living space and a unique and classic structure. A professionally built Victorian conservatory is a beautiful addition that adds character and depth to the home and gives it a more desirable curb appeal.

Homeowners use the area as a study, entertainment area for guests (especially if there is a pool nearby). Children are allowed to be exposed to the sunshine and the beauty of playing outside but remain safe. They are safe from people who may be up to no good, animals that could hurt them, or wondering out of sight and becoming lost.

As they are, in some climates, the conservatories or sunrooms are usable space (usually) three seasons per year. But we live in a modern world and the installation of a heating and air conditioning system can make these 4-season structures.


Some people use their conservatories as a room to grow flowers, vegetables, and other plants. Commercial conservatories do this on a much larger scale. Companies sometimes build these areas for the enjoyment of their employees. Relaxing in the areas or working with the plants provides satisfaction and stress relief. Not to mention that the plants are nutritious and exposure to the plants is good for the body. It is proven that people who spend time near plant life concentrate better and have more focus.

There are no negatives about building these structures. They add value financially, personally, and professionally.



White roof lantern conservatory in rural setting with grey half wall

The Top 5 Benefits Of Adding a Conservatory to Your Home

Are you looking for a way to add a magic addition to your home that is protected from the elements, while offering you a great view of your yard and scenic views beyond? A conservatory might be your answer. Whether you own a home with a glass enclosure already in place, or you are planning to add one, there are five benefits to having one attached to your home.

Benefits of a Home Conservatory

A conservatory is a great way of expanding your living space, filling it with light and bringing the garden into your home. As expert installers and designers, we are proud to share the main benefits and features of having a conservatory on your home.

1. Increases the Value of your Property

Built in the style of your existing home, your conservatory is an extension of it that incorporates the beauty of your exterior landscaping with the architecture of your home. The style and look of your addition will immediately present a wow factor to any prospective buyer.  Especially if you selected a classic Victorian conservatory or a vintage roof lantern type.

More cost-effective than other types of room additions. a conservatory is enough of an investment that you would not add it specifically to sell your home as you might not recoup your whole investment upon sale. However, if you add it when you anticipate decades of happy living in your residence, you will get years of glorious pleasure from it. This glass addition will make your home memorable to buyers and aid you in selling for a higher price.

2. Increases Additional Living Space

The main reason for a conservatory is to give added living space where you can relax, dine, and socialize or to do whatever you choose. The space is so versatile that you can use it as a toy room when your kids are young that transitions to a reading room or lounging area when they get older. You might even use it as an extension of your kitchen or family room. It is a a beautiful space you can use all year regardless of the weather.

You can even bring the outside in by adding potted plants or use your conservatory as garden space that affords you flowers, fresh herbs, fruit trees or vegetables throughout the year.

3. Becomes A Fantastic Source of Sunlight

Fully constructed with glass panes, the conservatory brings the maximum amount of light into your home. The more time you spend in your glass enclosure, the more exposure you get to vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin that that aids your immune system, strengthens your teeth and bones, and helps ward off depression. Many people indoors are deficient in Vitamin D, but all the light that comes in to your home conservatory will counteract the effects of being inside.

4. Brings your Garden Closer

Conservatories are often built or near your garden so you can enjoy the beauty of your garden and landscaping. The same holds true if you live in a mountainous region or on the beach. Of course, if you live in a climate where it is warm most of the year, you will get the benefits of seeing your garden as different plants bloom.

5.Becomes a Windows to the Outside

Conservatories usually feature multiple doors that lead to a deck, patio, or garden path. Whether you use French doors, sliding doors, or bi-folding doors that allow you to open up large segments of the conservatory, they are not only easy to see out of but offer easy access to the outdoors as well.

Bringing the outside in – that’s what home conservatories are all about. If you are thinking adding a glass enclosure to your home, take a look at our style gallery of conservatory designs to start planning for yours today.