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The Top 5 Uses for a Conservatory

What comes to mind when you hear the word conservatory? Maybe it’s the definition, a room with glass walls and a glass roof. Maybe you imagine a nice addition to your home, a beautiful extra room. What would you do with that extra room? Our Conservatories in Pennsylvania can offer you all kinds of possibilities, but consider these top 5 uses for your home.

1. For the Gardner

conservatories pennsylvania

Those with a green thumb can make great use of one of these fantastic rooms by using them as a greenhouse. Having your plants, or even your garden, inside allows them to flourish all year long. Could you imagine having fresh grown vegetables in the middle of winter? By controlling the temperature of the room, those who love to keep plants in their home will find that they can now grow flowers and plants that were impossible before. With a conservatory, you can step into your own green wonderland any time you want. It certainly creates the perfect dream space for any plant lover.

2. For the Cook

Adding on to your kitchen with a conservatory gives your cooking area more space, while creating a well lit and relaxing atmosphere. We could all use a little more space in the kitchen, that’s for sure, but imagine creating your favorite dish with the sunlight shining down onto your stove top, and cutting board. Cooking can be a highly meditative exercise, and these glass rooms add to that experience tenfold. Add a dining room table, or an island, and have some company over to watch your master chef skills in action while providing a comfortable and social atmosphere for your guests. Plus, your kitchen will look absolutely stunning.

3. Relaxation Station

conservatories pennsylvania

After a long day at work, imagine coming home to your very own oasis. Unwind with your favorite drink as you enjoy the colors of the sunset, then slip into ultimate bliss as you gaze up at the stars.Install a few dim wall lights to create a unique atmosphere for the bookworm, or use a telescope to locate planets and distant galaxies. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to lay down and enjoy a summer thunderstorm? However you would like to use it, a conservatory gives you a private getaway right in your own home.

4. For the Businessman and Woman

Work from home jobs are on the rise in America, and that’s great! Finding space for a home office, though, can often be a little challenging. Instead of changing the purpose of an already existing room, why not create the perfect work space? Combine that comfy home office setting with the sunlight and fresh air of the outdoors, all while working in your pajamas if you’d like. Design you dream office, then add a few plants to complete the feng shui. Working from home can’t be beat, but working from your home conservatory takes things to a whole new level.

5. Staying Active

conservatories pennsylvania

Have you considered having a fitness room in your home? In the long run, it saves money on a gym membership while affording you the luxury of working out in the comfort of your own home. Pick your equipment, or go without as you do Pilates or yoga. Whatever your workout method of choice may be, now you’ll be able to do it while basking in the sunlight. Your body will thank you for the extra vitamin D, while your mind will thank you for the relaxing atmosphere. Those with children could even keep them active by turning their conservatory into a playroom. Let their imaginations flourish with a room that is perfect for their little minds to explore all the wonders of their favorite toys. If you’re an experienced parent, you can probably combine both of these ideas into one! It probably wouldn’t be the first time you’ve moved Lego’s to practice your warrior one pose.

Any of these are fantastic ideas, but your mind may be coming up with even more! Our conservatories in Pennsylvania can be anything you want them to be, and more. Whether you like to grow plants, stare at the night sky, cook fantastic meals, create the perfect home office, or are just looking for a personal spot to relax or stay active, then conservatories are the perfect addition to your home.